Berea Early Learning Center

Tuition Agreement Form


Policies for Tuition Payment

Berea Early Learning Center (“Center”) and the undersigned parents (“Parents”), by entering into this tuition agreement to enroll their child listed below (“Student”), executed by the parents on the signed date below, agree as follows:

  1. Consent: This agreement is entered into with mutual consent of Parents and the Center.
  2. Enrollment Fee: The Center requires a $100.00 non-refundable enrollment fee (“Fee”) to reserve a spot for the student in the Center. The Deposit is not credited towards payment of tuition or fees.
  3. Tuition and charges: Parents agree to pay via AutoPay, the full weekly amount for tuition and fees for the assigned room as published for the applicable week. The tuition and fees may be modified if Parents receive tuition assistance from the Center at the Centers discretion. Any such modifications are only effective if set forth in a written amendment of this agreement, signed by Parents and the Center. Tuition is due on Friday of each week for the following weeks care. An itemized invoice will be sent out on Thursday of the prior week with AutoPay automatically processing payment the next day.
  4. Late fees: Parents understand and agree that a $25.00 fee will be assessed for each business day that payment is not current.
  5. Additional fees: Parents agree that additional fees for Center services may be charged from time to time. Additional fees are due when charged and will be billed and payable through brightwheel.
  6. Payment obligation: Parents have an individual and joint obligation to pay all tuition and fees under this agreement. Parents’ failure to pay any amount when due pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, may, at the Center’s sole discretion, result in the suspension or dismissal of the Student from the Center. Parents shall pay any costs and attorney’s fees the Center incurs in collection of Parents’ outstanding balance.
  7. Early withdrawal/removal: Parents must provide at least Two (2) weeks signed WRITTEN NOTICE to the Center to withdraw the Student. Tuition will be collected during the two (2) week notice period, and after the two (2) week notice period, Parents will no longer be responsible for tuition payments pursuant to this Agreement.
  8. Payment agreement: Parents understand and agree that the majority of the Center’s expenses and obligations are incurred on an annual basis, that financial commitments for Center services are made based upon anticipated enrollment, and that the educational operating expenses of Center do not diminish with the departure of some students over the course of the year. Parents understand and agree that, regardless of Center closure for any reason other than permeant shutter, that Student’s absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from the Center, that Parents remain obligated to pay the amount of tuition set forth in sections 3 and 5 of the Agreement, consistent with the two (2) week notice period, as liquidated damages and assume full responsibility for payment.