The safety of children is of paramount concern to Berea Early Learning Center. To track all drop-offs and pickups of children, parents/guardians are required to sign children in/out in the BirghtWheel app. Staff are not permitted to check the student in on behalf of parents/guardians.

Generally, persons picking up children must be at least 18 years of age and bring a valid photo identification.

When children are being picked up from the Center, staff will ensure that the person doing the pickup is authorized in the BrightWheel app to do so and does not appear to be unwell or intoxicated. Additionally, if parent(s)/caregiver(s) arrive after 6:00pm to pick up their child(ren), late pickup procedures will be applied due to safety concerns and staffing costs(see below Late Fees).

Pickup by an unknown person
If the person picking up the child is not known to a staff member, the BrightWheel app will be checked for the individual’s name as an authorized pickup person, and photo identification will be required. If the unknown person is not authorized to pick up the child, the parent must be contacted for permission. Should the parent(s) be unavailable, the child can not be permitted to leave with the unauthorized individual.

If an attempt is made to take the child or if the individual does leave with the child, 911 (police) will be called by staff. Describing to the 911 operator/police:

  • the name of the person
  • the appearance of the person
  • the appearance of their car (if driving)
  • the direction they left
  • the appearance of the child, and inform operator/police that you have a photo of the child

The Center Director and the Senior Pastor are to be immediately informed and staff will continue to make attempts to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s).

Pickup by a person who appears unwell
If a parent/authorized person appears to staff to be unwell or intoxicated when they arrive to pick up a child and staff is concerned for the safety of the child, staff will suggest that the parent/ authorized person not leave with the child. Staff can offer to call a cab or call another authorized contact person to assist. The Center Director/designate will be involved to deal with this situation. Should the unwell/intoxicated person agree to a cab when the center is closing, a staff person will remain with the parent/authorized person until the cab has arrived.

If the unwell person insists on leaving the center with the child, staff can not prevent the parent/authorized person from taking their child. In the event that safety concerns for the child are present, staff will call law enforcement and document the event including:

  • time of incident
  • location
  • people involved/staff on duty
  • your concern and details about the conversation
  • any other relevant information
  • your name and position

If the unwell/intoxicated person is driving the child and staff is concerned, staff should make note of the car, license number and probable destination, then call the police. The Center Director and Senior Pastor, is to be contacted and staff should make a note in the child’s file of any agency persons contacted.

Late child pickup procedure
Berea Early Learning Center closes at 6:00 p.m. Parents are asked to plan sufficient time to dress their child, collect the child’s clothes, artwork, speak to a staff (if necessary) and leave the center by 6:00 p.m. If the parent/guardian is aware that they are going to be late, they should call the Center to advise staff of this and of their plan to pick up their child/ren. Due to the operational and staffing costs incurred when a parent/guardian is late, a late pick up fee will be charged.

When the parent/guardian is late we will attempt to:

  1. Contact the parent/guardian at the numbers in the child’s BrightWheel record
  2. If contact with parent/guardian is not established, call the emergency contact(s) in the child’s BrightWheel record and make arrangements for the child to be picked up.
  3. Contact the Center Director.
  4. In the event that the parents/guardians/emergency contact(s) are not available and it is 6:00 pm; we will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and follow their instructions. Under no circumstances will the staff to remove the children from the Center.
  5. If the parent/guardian is repetitively late, staff will notify the Center Director who will meet with the parents/guardians regarding the situation.

Late Fees
The late fee schedule is as follows:

  • From 6:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. the fee for the first time late is $25 plus $1.00 per minute (i.e. 5 min late would amount to $30)
  • The fee for the second time late and any subsequent times late after that the rate will be $50 plus $3.00 per minute. (i.e. 5 min late would be $65)
  • If late six times in any seven-week period the family faces removal from the center.
  • The Center clock is the time used to determine the late payment. Late fees are added to your weekly statement and due with your regular weekly tuition payment unless payment is arranged earlier.
  • At 7 p.m., if we have not heard from you or we have not been able to reach you or your emergency contacts, we will call the appropriate law enforcement agency.