Education Through Play

For ages 6 weeks to 4 years old

At Berea Early Learning Center, we teach kids through play. Yes, you read that right – play!

Play is not just a way for children to have fun and pass the time. It is also a powerful tool for learning and development. Research shows that play can help children develop cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative skills. Play can also foster curiosity, imagination, and resilience.

Education through play is a way of learning that involves fun, creativity and exploration. It is based on the idea that children learn best when they are engaged and motivated by their own interests and curiosity. Education through play can happen in different settings, such as at home, in school, in nature or in the community. It can also involve different types of play, such as physical, social, imaginative or cognitive.

We use play-based learning to help children explore their interests, discover new things, and express themselves. We have a variety of activities and materials that cater to different ages and stages of development. We also have a team of qualified and caring educators who guide and support the children as they play.

Some of the benefits of education through play are:

– It develops skills and knowledge across different domains, such as language, math, science, art and social-emotional.
– It fosters creativity and innovation, as children experiment with new ideas and solutions.
– It builds confidence and resilience, as children overcome challenges and learn from mistakes.
– It supports well-being and happiness, as children express themselves and have fun.

To use education through play effectively, we need to:

– Provide a safe and stimulating environment that offers a variety of materials and resources for children to explore.
– Observe and listen to children’s interests and needs and follow their lead in choosing what to play with and how to play.
– Join in the play when invited, and support children’s learning by asking open-ended questions, offering feedback and introducing new concepts.
– Respect children’s choices and allow them to play at their own pace and level.
– Celebrate children’s achievements and progress and share their learning with others.

Education through play is a powerful way of supporting children’s development and learning. By using education through play, we can help children discover their potential and prepare them for the future.


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